Why I switched back to Safari from Firefox

I've been a big fan of Firefox for a long time. I liked the interface, I liked Mozilla's attitude. I was even willing to put up with the fact that Firefox can't view pdf files - I figured that they would fix that soon enough, but they never did. But the most recent update of Firefox has pushed me back to Safari. I did the "I have that problem, too" button several times for Firefox bugs, but today I just had had enough.

In addition to the several bugs that the latest Firefox has, they moved a bunch of stuff around. I know it sounds petty, but I was used to the home button, the refresh button, etc. being in a logical place. And for some strange reason, the web address appears down on the lower left of the page in a little yellow box when you hover over a hyperlink. This is at the corner of my eye, and it's just plain annoying. And, I don't know why, they now have the tabs above the bookmarks, not below. If you are used to tabbed browsing, this just makes no sense. Your eye has to go past your bookmarks to the tabs above. Just poor design. They had it right before, I wonder what went wrong?


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